Emerging spanish community in Auckland

Auckland is considered one of the best cities of New Zealand to live in. It has an awesome environment and is one of the best waterfront cities in the world. For both living or touring, Auckland is considered the perfect place. Auckland has a massive population of about 1.657 million.
Due to its beauty and perfect environment, many people from different communities around the world settle in Auckland. Spanish people are one of those communities. Spanish New Zealanders (Hispano-neozelandeses) is the term that is usually referred to residents of New Zealand who are actually Spanish. About 2,043 Spanish descents live in major cities of New Zealand such as Auckland and Wellington.

Spain and New Zealand have a bilateral relationship. The capitals of both countries (New Zealand and Spain) are on exact opposite sides of the world from each other. The number of immigrants from Spain to Auckland was minimal in the 1850s and 1860s due to the social disruption of civil wars. But the number of Spanish immigrants to Auckland (New Zealand) increased in the first quarter of the twentieth century. Unpopular wars and circumstances like rural poverty led to an increase in immigrants from Europe in that period.
Spanish Activities
Many official schools are working in Auckland to promote the Spanish language and culture. Many institutes are working in Auckland to develop and encourage people to communicate in the Spanish language.

Spanish institutes use the official Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to provide quality education about the Spanish language and cultural activities. Spanish institutes also conduct the following Spanish events in Auckland:
• Spanish Movie Nights
• Spanish Quiz Nights
• Spanish Open Days and Markets
• Spanish and Latin American Wine tastings
• Seminars from dignitaries from the Spanish and Latin American Embassies
• Spanish language days
Briefing of some Spanish events occurring in Auckland is given below:
a) Spanish Cine-club: Each month an award-winning Spanish movie is shown on a big projector with subtitles. It increases the popularity of Spanish movies and helps Spanish people in communicating with each other.
b) Spanish Lunch: Spanish institutes in Auckland arrange Spanish meals on the first Saturday of each month. Basically, this lunch is a source of a meeting between the Spanish and Latin American communities of Auckland.
c) Wine-tastings: At the beginning of each season, the latest Spanish wines are imported to New Zealand. A grand wine tasting gathering is held along with French cheeses to exhibit the latest Spanish wines. It’s the perfect time to stock your cellars with popular Spanish wines.
d) Spanish Camp: Camping is the favorite leisure activity of people of all ages. Spanish-themed camping is organized each year in Auckland by Spanish institutes. It is a perfect opportunity for the Spanish community of Auckland to enjoy their ancestral outdoor activities.

Come, Join Us!

Thus, Auckland provides different opportunities to the Spanish residents to enjoy their culture while living in Auckland, New Zealand. Various Spanish institutes are working in Auckland to develop and encourage the Spanish language, culture, and community.

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